Reproductive Rights are Workers' Rights

Our union's mission is to fight for dignity, opportunity and prosperity for all. That mission cannot be accomplished until reproductive freedom and abortion access have been secured for everyone.

Healthcare is a human right – no exceptions. More than half of AFSCME Council 5’s 43,000 members are women, and they have a fundamental right to access the health care they need – including reproductive care and abortion access.

When women don’t have access to reproductive health care, their opportunities to thrive in our communities become more limited. Those women and their families are more likely to struggle economically. That economic impact ripples out into our communities by compounding racial, gender and economic oppression – perpetuating the cycle of poverty and further limiting the opportunities for those already impacted by systemic inequality.

As more and more of our neighboring states pass anti-choice bills to make reproductive health care even more difficult to access, AFSCME Council 5 is joining the fight to make sure Minnesota moves forward on reproductive freedom - not backwards.

We’re proud to announce our role as a community partner in the UnRestrict Minnesota campaign to educate working Minnesotans about the current abortion restriction laws and what we can do to get them taken off the books - and make our state a leader in reproductive health care access.

Check out to learn about the current abortion laws in Minnesota – and how you can take action.

Join us Wednesday, August 7 at 7 p.m. on Facebook LIVE for a panel discussion moderated by Erin Maye Quade, with AFSCME Council 5 Vice President Carmen Brown, Secretary Cherrene Horazuk, and members Theresa St. Aoro, Jen Guertin and Erica Kantola to explore the critical importance of reproductive rights to workers' rights and economic justice. RSVP on Facebook to make sure you get a notification when we go live - and don't forget to invite your friends and family to watch along!